• Your wedding at Highnam Church

I am delighted that you have enquired about being married in one of the churches of this benefice, and I look forward to meeting you and discussing your plans. The following pages give information about arranging a wedding, and I hope will answer some of the questions that you may have at this stage.

Rev Helen Sammon, vicar

For information and ideas about planning your wedding see the website:

  • Some preliminaries

Who may be married in church?

As far as it is legally possible, we are delighted to welcome you for a church wedding, and conducting weddings is a great privilege and joy in our churches.
The good news is that you can marry in church regardless of your beliefs, whether or not you are christened and whether or not you are a regular churchgoer.

There are certain legal requirements as to whether you are eligible to be married in a particular church, and these are listed in the Qualifying Connection form.

Download the Qualifying Connection Form

If you do not fulfill these criteria you are still welcome to be married here, but it is necessary for you to start attending church as regularly as you can for 6 months prior to calling your banns. This should be a minimum of once per month, and we can give you more information about the times of the services.
If one of you is not of British Nationality, or you live outside the country, there mae be other legal requirements in order to arrange your marriage.

Marriage after divorce

If either of you has been married before, it is necessary to have a preliminary meeting with the vicar before booking your wedding. There are special forms to fill in and the vicar will meet with you for a discussion about your previous marriage and your hopes for your new relationship.

How do we book ?

The first step is to check the availability of the Church. This can be done by looking at the Calendar of Events to see if the date and time are already booked. This is not a definitive list, and cannot be totally relied upon to be completely accurate.

The important thing is to complete the Wedding Enquiry Form, and Qualifying Connection form, and register your interest.

Download the Wedding Enquiry Form

Download the Qualifying Connection Form

Once received all details will be checked. If all is correct, and the date and time are acceptable, we will contact you, requesting a deposit of £50 to secure the booking.

How much will it cost?

Wedding Fees 2019

Publication of Banns of marriage

The Banns of Marriage are read at three services in the weeks leading up to the marriage. The dates will be notified to you, and you should attend at least one of the services, is possible.

If either of you lives in another parish and you are not being married by Special Licence, then your Banns must be read in the other parish as well and you must arrange this with the Vicar of that parish at least two months before the wedding.

Planning the wedding.

We have some useful information, which you may fine helpful when planning the Church service.