Church is open all day for private prayer.

Taynton Church

St Lawrence’s Church
This historic and well maintained church was built in the 1650’s, by order of Alderman Pury, Speaker of the Commonwealth Parliament. It succeeded a former village church in Kents Green, at the Northern end of the village, which was suspected of being a defensive post, and was burnt down in the Civil War. A few grassy mounds are all that remain today. St Lawrence is a product of Puritan perversity in its unusual North/South alignment.

There is a small but loyal congregation and two services are held each month – one Eucharist (Common Worship), and one Evensong (BCP). We are increasing the music in Evensong to include choral responses. In addition there are Festival and Benefice services, which are well supported with congregations up to 45 or 50. We pride ourselves in keeping our Church open 24/7 -365 days per year – though, regrettably the numbers of our congregation don’t always reflect this. The church is used for the occasional concert, and we serve refreshments at the back of the Church or in the recently refurbished Parish Room nearly opposite the Church, after Festivals, Benefice Services and concerts