Floral Decoration

Floral decoration in church for your wedding is very much a matter of choice and budget.

Holy Innocents is a very decorative church and certain flower colours – purple, dark blue and deep red, unless used with lighter colours – are difficult to see and display too their best advantage against the background wall frescos.

Factors to consider.

  • Number of floral displays
  • Placement of display/s
  • Flowers out of season can be very expensive, but a few can still look stunning arranged with good foliage

Arrangement of the flowers

  • The church flower arrangers, if available, are always willing to make up floral displays, purchasing flowers within your budget and arranging them according to your instruction.
  • You may have a family member or friend who would to arrange the flowers. (If you want to take the arrangement with you to the reception you will also need to supply your own containers etc.)
  • You may wish to have a florist make up an arrangement ad place it in position prior to the event.
  • We will need to know if you intend too take your floral display to your reception as we will need to put flowers in church for the Sunday Service.



  • The church makes a charge of £20 per pedestal to make a display. If you wish to take the arrangement to your reception venue the cost is £25.
  • Check that the reception venue that they have somewhere to display the arrangement.
  • If you do want to take the floral display, it will be large heavy and possibly drip water so consider who will remove it and what transport is available to get it to the reception.
  • Pew end decorations

    • Packs of 6 cost £17
    • Alternate pew ends requires 2 packs to decorate the central aisle – ££28 approx.
    • Materials, I.e. flowers and ribbon etc. additional cost. We charge £15 to make up pew ends.

    We suggest that if you do have pew ends that you take them with you to your reception and they can be given to relatives or guests. Arrange with an usher or guest to be responsible for removing them from the church. We will provide a box for transportation.